India Brainy Beauty Season 2 Winner

Mahalakshmi Krishnan

Hola from Houston! I have lived outside India for almost 3 decades but I am still very much a “desi girl” at heart:-) I have an MBA in Marketing from Chicago and I quit my very successful corporate career to start my own music production, training and recording center that promotes Indian culture and tradition through performing arts. My recent collaboration with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust focuses on making a difference through music by organizing various fundraising events.

Trained extensively in Indian classical music from stalwarts in the industry, I am a successful stage performer, playback singer and a recording artist. I have also composed music for jingles, short films and several dance productions and musicals. My recent claim to fame is a cameo role that I played alongside Superstar Rajnikanth in a Tamil movie! I am not shy to come out of my comfort zone to explore new and unique opportunities that challenge the creative side of my brain 🙂 I count my blessings everyday and am looking forward to making a difference in people’s lives through music and arts!

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