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Hi, I am

Riddhi Trivedi

Name: Riddhi Trivedi

Date of Birth : 03/05/1996

Age: 26

Height: 5’4"

Hair Color : Brownish Black

City : Mumbai

Languages You Know : Hindi, English, Marwadi, Marathi, Gujrati.

Brands Endorsed In Past (if any) : L.I.C of India ( an a voice over artist).Etc

Mention A Quote That Resembles You : If we focus on our "Roots" then no need to worry about our Fruits.

Hello. I love to say myself as an artist, a voice over artist. 
As an artist i always try to understand different characters around me. I enjoy exploring new opportunities and new adventure as this “India Brainy Beauty” is one of them.I am a singer i love to be on stage and play around with my good friend “A Mic”. I am an entrepreneur too. And a Lecturer so that I can express my thoughts in a very productive manner. 
Thank you

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