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Surbhi Gabale

Name: Surbhi Gabale

Date of Birth : 01/02/1993

Age: 29

Height: 5"

Hair Color : Black

City : Nanded Maharashtra

Languages You Know : English Hindi Marathi

Brands Endorsed In Past (if any) : none

Mention A Quote That Resembles You : Hardwork does not go unnoticed and someday you will get the rewards

The fashion Funda I follow is simple and comfortable dressing and simple living.I love dancing and Singing and my other hobbies are watching Series, Movies and travelling and exploring new things.
Talking more about myself I believe that I have leadership qualities, Decision making and Compassion and these things make me a Good doctor who wants to cater large number of people and serve the society. And I am also not one of those who would shy away from accepting their weaknesses which makes me want to work on them and grow every day. I have been a scholar since my childhood ..aced in everything .. always knew how to balance my academics but also enjoy my life to the fullest, grabbed every opportunity to be on stage … as a result I was awarded BEST STUDENT OF THE YEAR but nothing in these last few years. Attempted UPSC Failed… Tried again and yet again failed and this Shook me off. This led to self-doubt. Then i Changed my path and now things are falling in place as i am looking fwd to becoming an Obstetrician.
And in the process here i am to be myself and build back me


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